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Wild Plum Jelly


Item   BR-22148H

Rich in flavor, this smooth jelly is perfectly delicious on your toast, ham sandwich, or a PB&J. Add a little to your barbecue sauce for a fruity update for grilled meats. It tastes just like our grandmothers made on the farm. It is made in small batches the old fashioned way and hand stirred to create a wonderfully delicious flavor. All our homemade Jellies have a clear, see through look and consistency. These products make great gifts for people who do not like the seeds or fruit pieces, but love the taste. Available in a 10 oz. jar.

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Arlington, TX
December 2013

just like great-grandma's

I've been through a dozen jars so far! Tastes just like the jam great-grandma made for the tart little wild plumbs in the yard.

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