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Wild Crabapple Jelly


Item   BR-22112H

Wild Crabapple Jelly is made from only the finest fruit juices and ingredients. Wild crab apple is a small tart apple that has a crisp, zesty, tart taste that makes a clear red jelly. Unlike jam or preserves, homemade jellies have a clear, see through look and consistency. These products make great gifts for people who do not like the seeds or fruit pieces, but love the taste. Products are available in 10 oz sizes.

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Roseland, NJ
November 2013

Just Like Grandma Made

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years

Our family has been enjoying Crabapple Jelly from the Old Mill for many years now, and the entire family loves it including our grandchildren who are now teenagers. It's the best store-bought Crabapple Jelly that we've ever had according to my wife who used to make it from scratch many years ago, and that included picking a whole lot of those little apples. Try it and you'll like it!

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