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Self Rising Flour

$3.99 To $34.99

Item   OMSRF

Our self-rising flour is our own quality Old Mill flour that has leavening and salt added to it. Those ingredients are well distributed evenly throughout the flour, so you get the same nice lift to your baked goods every time you use it.

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Jasper, TN
January 2014

Makes the best biscuits!

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: Less than 1 month

Ok Martha White...i'm sorry but there is a new love in my life. Haha. I have always made my biscuits with Martha White flour and they have always been very tasty and popular! However, I finally got to try some self-rising flour from the Old-Mill. I used my typical recipe that i've tweeked over the years...and once the biscuits came out of the oven they were more fluffy and overall three times better tasting than my martha white biscuits. I can only suspect that it's the flour because I did everything else the same. So from now on...this Tennessee feller will be using the flour from the Old-Mill. Guess i'd better make another run up to Pigeon Forge now haha.

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