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Old Mill Buckwheat Pancake Mix

$5.99 To $34.99


Buckwheat is not a cereal grain; it is actually a fruit seed that delivers over 30 different vitamins and minerals. Diets that contain buckwheat have been linked to lowered risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and its nutrients may contribute to blood sugar control. We are proud of our delicious blend of stone-ground buckwheat that make these pancakes thick, fluffy, and healthy too. Each bag makes enough for several family breakfasts.

Just add water to make fluffy, delicious, nutritious pancakes.

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Pittsburg, mo.
January 2014

Buckwheat pancake mix

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I ordered buckwheat pancake mix from your company. Wow were we impressed with your product. The best pancakes we have ever eaten. I did research on the healthful benefits of buckwheat and had no idea how delicious it is. My husband and I never knew that pancakes could be so devious and so healthful for you at the same time. You never feel real full and stuffed after eating them. The product is also gluten free which is a real bonus to you health. Just had to brag on this product. I never plan on being without this product in my kitchen. If your online viewers take time to read my review I think they would enjoy these pancakes as much as we do! Simply Delicious!

For a healthy pancake topping, mix peach or raspberry yogurt with diced peaches or berries. Or serve with Muddy Pond Sorghum, Old Mill Syrups, or Old Mill Honey.

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