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Moonshine Jelly


Item   BR-22131H

Moonshine Jelly has the taste of the alcohol without the hangover. This jelly will provide an extra kick to your party Saturday Night, just add to cream cheese and crackers and serve as an entertaining appetizer! This product is made with White wine instead of actual Moonshine. Sorry Folks, Moonshine does not cook out but gets stronger as it is cooked. Even through some of you might appreicate the real thing, the FDA might frown on us if you get drunk while eating your toast and biscuits in the morning!

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Wine Jellies go great on waffles, pancakes, crepes, croissants, and toast. Best used on soft cheeses such as Brie, or use them over cream cheese and serve them as an hors'dourve, or as a condiment for meat dishes. Use our delicious homemade wine jellies to stir into your oatmeal, use it to bake the most delightful pastries or heat them up and drizzle them over your favorite cakes.

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