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Mild Chow Chow


Item   BR-43008P

Mild Chow Chow is made with cabbage, sweet red pepper, onions, and spices. In the South, and particularly in the mountains where they grow huge heads of crisp cabbage, chow-chow is a favorite cold relish to be eaten with a bowl of pinto beans. Unlike most condiments, chow-chow retains a chunky (chopped) texture and is not pureed. The taste can be sweet, tangy, hot or a combination thereof. This and the Vidalia Onion Chow Chow are the mildest chow chows that we have.

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Northeast Tennessee
November 2014

Just like my grandmother's

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years

This chow chow reminds me of my grandmother's chow chow. It brings back memories of going down into the root cellar to fetch a jar to use for supper! Don't like to eat soup beans and cornbread without it! Add fried potatoes and onions with some greens and you have my favorite meal. This chow chow sets the whole meal! Thanks for keeping the recipe just like the old mountain way! Store bought chow chow from supermarkets just don't have the same taste.

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