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Mayhaw Jelly 16oz


Item   BP-22163P

Uniquely Southern, this prized jelly is made from the fruit of mayhaw trees that typically grow in soggy swamplands. The tiny fruit (1/2 to 3/4 inches in diameter) resembles crabapples in appearance; the flavor reminds you of a blend of sweet apple with nuances of pineapple and mango; it tastes strongly of wild fruit and is the queen of jellies. 16 oz jar

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September 2016


Age Range: 65 and up

I buy only gourmet jellies, and I don't like seeds. I tried this and had NO prior contact with the taste of Mayhaw jelly. It turns out to be my favorite of all time. Unique taste, and just fabulous. I have been on a successful diet for 2 years - lost 50 pounds, and have gained none of it back. That limits my enjoyment of "sweets" to a minimum -- and this is it for me. I can only have a small amount 3 times a week, and it's worth waiting for. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I'm ordering my 7th jar today -(I order 4 at a time). My first jar was strictly being curious about "Mayhaw". I love it.

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