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Corn Relish


Item   MC-42007

Pickled fresh corn, peppers, and onion adds the refreshing taste of summer to many dishes.

Spoon on fritters, burgers, grilled meats. Serve as a dip with tortilla chips.

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Pulaski, TN
June 2014

Best Stuff Ever!!

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: Less than 1 month

I held on to my relish waiting for the right time to fix the Corn Relish Dip from the recipe given to me by the nice lady in the store. My best friend and I decided to have a little snack so we threw it together real quick not sure how this would turn out.....and let me say....THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! She and I could not stop eating it!!! I couldn't wait to have the left overs (hard to believe there were some) the next day. Extremely flavorful!!! Definitely recommend it!!!!

Colorado Springs
December 2014

Best corn relish ever!

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: 4-6 months

I have always loved corn relish and Old Mill's is the best there is. After our local stores stopped carrying CR I went on line and found Old Mill and I am a dedicated convert. They make the best relishes ever (great gifts for adult family that you have no idea what to give). Use this corn relish on cottage cheese or in lieu of salad dressing. It's sweet but not overdone.

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