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Buckwheat Flour

$4.99 To $34.99

Item   OMBWF

Buckwheat is a high-quality plant protein that has high antioxidant properties. It is not actually a wheat, as the name suggests, but a type of fruit seed. When milled, it is a healthy flour with a distinctive, earthy taste. Buckwheat itself is gluten-free. When blended with other flours, it adds nutrition and texture.

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March 2014

Simply the Best!

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years

This is the best tasting Buckwheat I ever had. I first purchased a huge bag to take home with me to PA back in 1994 and it tasted so unique and wonderful! I tried many years to get back to TN to purchase some more but when I could buy on-line, I was in heaven! I make 100% buckwheat pancakes with 100% maple syrup (& butter). I have used buckwheat for muffins too. Many years have I used this flour! You cannot buy buckwheat in grocery stores that taste like this. This is the only source that I do buy my buckwheat from. It has such a wonderful fresh taste to it. Buckwheat is so very healthy for you too so you can be happy to eat your pancakes! All of the Old Mill's flours are good too!

San Diego
April 2014

Good Stuff

How Long Have You Been Using This Product: 4-6 months

I have been using this Buckwheat for months now and love it. We use it to make gluten free pancakes and have found that the dark ground buckwheat to have a deeper flavor that the light ground. The company provided excellent customer service and I look forward to work with them again.

December 2014

Just the facts

I don't write reviews, but this product has earned one. Visited Tenn this past spring, stopped in The Old Mill. I've always liked buckwheat pancakes so the buckwheat flour caught my eye, particularly with the buckwheat muffin recipe on the back of the bag. So here's the deal: if you like buckwheat pancakes, get this flour, follow the recipe to the letter (plus some chopped pecans), and you will enjoy the best muffins you'll ever eat. Yes, I've now ordered more flour online. And best of all, my wife enjoys making them for me!

Roswell, GA
August 2016

The most flavorful

Age Range: 55-64
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: More than 2 years

Buckwheat is hard to find in the Atlanta area, so I bought a five-pound bag from Old Mill a while back. the flour is dark and full of flavor. Recently, while traveling, I bought some "stone ground" buckwheat by other makers, and the other stuff is pale in comparison in every way. This is the real deal! I use mostly for pancakes, some times for pasta.

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